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Welcome to Injector Express.

Australia’s most comprehensive diesel and petrol fuel injector and turbo charger service.

The directors of injector express have over 60 years automotive industry experience and their expertise covers general mechanical to diesel fuel injection to electronic fuel injection and turbo charger upgrades and overhauls.

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Simple fit, do it yourself

Injector express offers a complete service to cater for your diesel or petrol fuel injection and turbo needs.

Whether it is an exchange diesel or petrol fuel injector you require or a complete diesel or petrol injection overhaul injector express have the expertise, equipment and facilities to handle your needs.


Injector express is the complete online business for diesel & turbo sales and service.
Simply send us your faulty parts for overhaul or take advantage of our reconditioned exchange service.
You may also like to purchase brand new diesel or turbo parts, in which case,have a look at our EBAY store for our latest specials.

When it comes to turbochargers our experience and pricing is second to none.We can offer you the advice for any turbocharger enquiries you may have,whether it be a simple small bore turbo charger rebuild or perhaps you want to high flow your turbocharger to give your car more power or fit a complete turbo charger kit to your vehicle,we are the people to see. For country and interstate customers who need a turbo charger rebuild we offer a quick turn around service once you have sent your turbocharger into our workshops. Because we understand time is money and a lot of turbo chargers come off commercial vehicles,we will access you turbo as soon as we receive it, call you with a quote, and if your happy, proceed with the job. Once were done your turbocharger is packaged up and returned to you via courier.

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Dont buy a new car,
install a turbo charger.

.Most jobs are taking between 2 to 4 days.

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If we dont have it,
we can get it.
Also country and interstate customers may like to take advantage of our exchange petrol
& diesel injector and pump program .Simply let us know what make and model of the vehicle you have, give us some relevant numbers off your pump or injectors, pay a core charge (or deposit ) plus the price of the item and we can have a set of exchange diesel or petrol injectors or pump sent to you by courier,the same day, in some cases. If we don’t have an exchange set in stock, simply send your diesel or petrol fuel injectors or pump into our workshop and we will overhaul them and send them back to you as quick as possible.

So, as you can see, we can offer you a comprehensive diesel & petrol fuel injection and turbocharger service.

Most importantly we are here to help you, so if you think you have a diesel or petrol fuel injection or turbo charger problem, just pick up the phone and give us a call,were never to busy to stop and chat.

Looking forward to hearing from you. The directors Injector express





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